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  • An Overview Of How Liposuction Helps In Obtaining The Body Contours We Desire!


    Now let's look at another way to biohack fat loss with a The Flat Belly Formula kettlebell... the Get-Up. HOW TO BIOHACK FAT LOSS WITH A KETTLEBELL TURKISH GET-UP In addition to kettlebell swings, my other go-to exercise lately has been the Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up. This exercise consists of lying on the ground holding a heavy object, attempting to stand up to your feet while holding that object overhead, then returning to your starting position. The Turkish Get-Up is an excellent way to work on focused breathing, concentration, balance, strength, mobility, and getting your heart rate elevated all in one fell swoop.Since I often do a morning stretch routine, I've been getting my heart rate up and "loading" my stretch routine by including several Turkish Get-Ups (usually 5-10 repetitions) for each arm. For example, I'll lie on my back on the ground holding a kettlebell in my left hand with an outstretched arm, stand up to my feet slowly and with good form, then return to my starting position (lying on the ground), then switch to my right hand and repeat - switching back and forth until I've completed 5-10 repetitions per side.

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