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    Powerful and unique use of content: GIFs have shown us CheckFreeScore how simple and unique content can make a big difference. This is what is 'thinking different with content'. The audience gets fascinated and attracted towards new and unique ideas.Easy to consume: GIFs are one of the most shared forms of message over the Internet. The reason is they are less-resource intensive, easy to create and easy to consume. They just occupy a few kilobytes of space; hence people do not mind downloading and forwarding them.Appealing than an image, but cheaper than video: GIFs are the best examples of how visual communication works. One does not have to put so much effort, creativity and cost to create them. They are more appealing than images, but much cost effective and easier than videos.A perfect mix of text, audio and video: As a perfect medium of brand communication, GIFs hold the right proportion of text, images and videos. This enables it to deliver the right message and establish right connection with the audience. Viewers listen to the brand's message with interest.

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