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  • How to Overcome Shyness and Become Confident in Any Situation
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    How to Overcome Shyness and Become Confident in Any Situation


    A hypnotist will often use Restup Review terms like, "You are becoming drowsy, sleepier and sleepier", or "...your eyes are getting heavier, and possibly, your arm is becoming heavier, numb and heavy" etc. More will be said about such suggestions under the heading "What it Involves". The point to be made here is that hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep. The word sleep as used by hypnotists is nothing more than a useful metaphor that stimulates the subject's imaginations in a way that induces a relaxed and calm state of mind. A hypnotized person is no more asleep than someone who is reading a book or just day dreaming. If you are the subject and a plane flies overhead or a truck rumbles past the chances are that you will hear it and remember it quite distinctly. If you are a very good well motivated subject or your hypnotist a particularly good communicator you might not notice the plane or truck because of your total absorption in what is being suggested.

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