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  • So, You Want to Learn How to Beat Shyness?


    Beating shyness and social anxiety is essentially Memory Hack Review about changing your mental attitude. By re-framing your thought processes you can overcome those ideas that cripple you in social situations. A good starting point is to take with accepting your shyness and say to yourself, "so what, it is a part of who I am". Often people start to become aware of a particular symptom of shyness (blushing, for example) and try hard not exhibit that particular symptom. However, the harder you try not to exhibit that symptom, the more likely it is to occur. By adopting this "so what" attitude and accepting that shyness and the symptoms you experience is a part of who you are, you start to free yourself from the anxiety which can only make your shyness worse.Try not to worry about trying to impress other people and thinking about what they might be thinking about you. Think to yourself that you have more important things to do than to impress other people. People who experience shyness and social anxiety tend to be hyper-sensitive to how other people may be thinking which naturally inhibits them within social situations due to a fear of making mistakes or appearing stupid. By downgrading the importance of this factor you can decrease the tendency to feel shy.Think positively, that you will succeed no matter what. However much shyness can dominate your life, you can overcome it. Focus on success and celebrate every achievement that you make. By assuming that you will succeed and that you will overcome your shyness then your chances of success are greatly increased.Everyone has a comfort zone. Staying within in it can be fine if you do not feel that you need to progress from where you are now. However, if you want to learn how to beat shyness then you do need to start stepping outside of your social comfort zone. This does not have be done all at once of course, it can be a gradual process. But you need to think to yourself that every time you start to step outside of this comfort zone, however uncomfortable and awkward it may feel at first, will pay dividends later.

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