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  • Failure In Losing Weight - Some Mistakes You May Not Know
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    Failure In Losing Weight - Some Mistakes You May Not Know


    Expert Author Nguyen Lan Phuong
    You really want to loss weight. After following Keto 900 many fat burning tips, nothing happened. Your weight still increases. There are some mistake you may do not know, let's find out below.

    Do not sleep enough
    Sleeplessness may lead the amount of protein in your fat to decrease but make ghrelin increase. Ghrelin is the hormone which is considered to be related to your craving for food. Ghrelin levels increase before meals and decrease after meals.

    Some people believed that the more you stay awake the more calories are burnt. However scientist showed that 65% calorie are burnt when you are sleeping. So that if you want to lose weight let's maintain 8 hours sleeping per day combination with relaxing in moderation.

    Researchers proved that our genes are directly related to Body mass index (BMI). If somebody in your family's generation has been obesity you would be easier overweight. People who have obesity gene lose weight more difficulty than other, obviously. The best thing is to obey closely weight loss diet plans, motivation, relaxing under guiding of your coach.

    To be infected by chemical
    We do not know that there are many synthetic chemicals which are entered our body everyday. Abuse of chemicals in food-processing, smoking, or living in polluted environment are the main reasons of such situation. They make your metabolism (absorption and excretion) be disorder. To eliminate these chemicals, you should supply vegetables especially vegetables contain fiber.

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