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  • How to Make Tasty Aloe Vera Juice
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    Lets say you have grown an aloe vera plant in your garden Keto Resources for many years. You know the healing properties of this plant and now you want to take it internally to gain more benefit. How about juicing it When purchasing aloe products on the market there have been some chemical additives added to it to keep it stable. This also prolongs the shelf life and the product is not 100% natural. By having your own aloe plant you can make your own juice or any other product.

    Aloe vera juice made homemade should not stay in the refrigerator longer than a week, preferably consumed in two days.

    How to prepare pure delicious juice...

    Cut the ends off of a mature aloe plant.
    Split the leaf in two halves and scoop out the clear gel
    Put this aloe vera gel into a blender and add three to five oranges or other citrus fruit
    Blend the mixture for approximately two minutes
    Once blended, put the juice into the refrigerator and let it settle at least two hours
    If you choose, you can dilute this juice with water or other juices to enhance the flavor.

    Aloe can be consumed in its natural state, if you can get past the unpleasant taste, but be careful as it really has a laxative effect. When transferring the get from your hands to your face and body, always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. Bacteria, dirt and grime is easily introduced when cleanliness is not observed.

    By juicing aloe vera, you are able to harvest the freshest source of minerals and vitamins from plants grown in your garden thus reducing the time the gel is exposed, thus cutting down the time negative oxidation takes place.

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