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  • How to Use the Power Of Habits For Weight Loss
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    Real Good Protein What is a guiding factor in your effort to get lean?

    Your Habits

    Habits Are a Double-Edged Sword

    You are where you are right now partly from the habits you have practiced. Habits can take you further from or closer to your goal. You need to start feeding the good habits and starving the bad ones. You will be pulled toward whatever habit you feed. When you start a new habit and continue practicing it, you train the clusters of neural connections in your brain to repeat that action, whether positive or negative. When you develop the paved roads in your brain for empowering positive habits, you will naturally change your body and your life.

    We have been given the ability to form whatever habits we choose. We are not like animals that just live on instinct. We control, through our repeated actions, what becomes our habits and what leads us to our results.

    Change your actions and you will change your habits.

    How People Usually Think

    People usually operate at a level of wanting more for less. They want more improvement in less time with the lowest possible effort or money. It is normal to want to be efficient; however, you do have to be realistic.

    Some individuals want to lose x amount of weight by working out only one time per week and not changing anything else.

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