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  • Lose Stomach Fat Fast - Using a New Type of Diet!
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    The Underground Fat Loss Manual There are a lot of problems with traditional diet plans to lose stomach fat fast. Firstly, many of them deprive the body of the nutrients that it needs for basic functions. Another is that some of these diet plans are based on reducing calorie intake, which actually hurts the body rather than helping. That's why you may need to try using a new type of diet to remove your stomach fat.

    The Body's Programming!

    One thing that you need to understand about stomach fat is that it is widely based on the human body's programming. You see, the body is designed to keep weight on. That's because humans used to hunt for food and survive harsh winters in the wilderness. So, the body needed to carefully store away fat for when it was needed.

    Therefore, when you eat less food, it triggers your body to store more fat. Your metabolism will become slower and your stomach fat will increase, not decrease. That's why starvation diets and diets that deprive your body of certain elements are usually ineffective, as well as difficult and disheartening.

    A Trick to Get Around That!

    Luckily, there is a trick to get around that. It is actually possible to eat less and to keep your metabolic rate up at the same time. That will lead to efficient fat loss, if you do it properly.

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