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  • Puffs and Smoke Harms the Skin
    40.00 ₹


    Lemon- This product works by Skincell Pro getting rid of the dead skin cells in order to brighten dull and pale complexions. On top of that it can be used in cleansing oily skins. It is important for the users are warned about exposure to sunlight, UV light as well as sun bed because lemon is photo toxic.Neroli- This is the best choice for those skins that are dry, sensitive or mature. It facilitates the regeneration of skin cells and helps in improving its elasticity. It is also helpful in getting rid of scarring, stretch marks and varicose veins.Rose-This oil has a soothing effect on inflammation and thereby it is good for the mature, sensitive and dry skins. It also helps in improving circulation as it reduces constriction of the capillaries. It is important to note that rose is very expensive but users can substitute it with rose geranium.Rosemary- Those with sagging skins should select this product as it is a strong astringent that helps in toning and tightening it. It should not be used by pregnant users as has a stimulating impact on the uterus.Sandalwood- This is a great product for those with dehydrated skin or dry eczema. It has a softening effect which can be improved by mixing it with cocoa butter.

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