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  • What Are the Five Principles For Increasing Nutrient Intake
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    What Are the Five Principles For Increasing Nutrient Intake


    The five basic principles for increasing nutrient intake are:

    1. Eat food that is freshly prepared, and consume GRS Ultra it within three hours of cooking. So you should not freeze food for the next day. Don't deep freeze your cooked food either. If getting fresh food for lunch is not an option, at least make it a point to eat fresh prepared food for breakfast and dinner.

    2. Cook in smaller quantities if possible. Food that is cooked in smaller quantities tends to retain more of its nutrition, and the reason for it is quite simple. The greater the quantity of food, the more oil and heat gets used, which destroys most of the nutrients. That is why restaurant can never be as good as home cooked food; in fact there's no comparison at all. That's also why you should carry your own tomato and cucumber and slice them up just before eating. Your on-the-go salad is a much better option, nutritionally speaking, than buying salad from a salad bar.

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