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  • Discover Two Uncommon Ways You Can Transform Your Marriage Instantly
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    There was a time when people celebrated Silver, Golden and Platinum Jubilees of Mend The Marriage their marriage. Now the average life of a marriage is 10 to 11 years and that to if it is on the higher side. How has the concept changed. Problems start arising with nothing else but a material or something closer to it. There are differences on issues like selecting the model of T.V., buying the home at the right time which is not approved in congruence. Earlier people were happy by seeing a bunch of roses in their partner's hand, it meant a lot to them. Now the key of a car replaces this happiness. Earlier a note expressing the feelings for the loved one along with a chocolate was enough to bring a smile on partner's face, now it has to be a laptop or tablet or any gadget of similar capacity which enables the two to video chat.

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