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    The oxygen and nutrients do Moroccan Argan Oil not pass directly from capillaries to cells. They diffuse into the interstitial fluid (the tiny spaces between cells) and from there they are picked up by the cells. Wastes follow a similar route in reverse. What powers this process is the ratio of minerals, sodium and potassium, present in the tissues. Together these two minerals form a pump that injects nutrients into the cells while at the same time expelling the waste. Congestion in the tissue will weaken this very important mechanism, called 'sodium-potassium pump', and slow down the exchanges. When we exceed the amount of sodium that the body needs we have a sodium build-up that, in addition to encouraging water retention, leads to decreased cell activity. The interstitial spaces, should hold no more fluid than is necessary to maintain a healthy, clean internal environment, one in which the nutrients-waste interchange can take place efficiently.

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