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  • A Powerful Way to Remove Warts - Duct Tape Method (Quickly Eliminate Warts For Good)
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    The development of warts is a common skin condition that affects many individuals around the world. Renewal Derm Review A wart can be classified as an abnormal growth of the skin, and the most typical areas on the skin it will appear is on the hands, fingers, or near by the fingernails.

    Warts can also develop on the legs, soles of the feet, face, and even the genitals. Although warts for the most part are harmless, this skin condition can cause a lot of embarrassment for the suffering individual. This is why many individuals take serious action to treat this skin condition before it becomes worse by spreading to other areas of the body.

    There are a number of ways available to successfully remove warts from the skin. But believe it or not, a powerful way to remove warts is with the use of duct tape. This tape has been one of the most useful household items for removing warts for a long time.

    The way duct tape works to remove warts is by irritating the skin surrounding the warts, which stimulates the immune system to eliminate the warts. This stimulation of the immune system is due to the rubber adhesive which can be found in duct tape.

    To remove warts with the tape you have to first wash and clean the affected area. Now cut a piece of the tape and apply it directly onto the wart. For this treatment to be the most effective you must keep the tape covering the wart for period of at least 6 days. If the tape falls off within those six days you simply replace the duct tape.

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