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  • Are Sugar and Carbs for Weight Loss?


    Two of the major cause's of obesity Lean Body Hacks is depression and boredom. We eat to satisfy ourselves often not because we are hungry for food, more like we are hungry for food for our souls. We need to feel good on the inside and with no out side stimulation we look for it in food. While it is true our bodies need food for energy we also need food for our spirits, our souls. It is very important.Research has shown that babies need to be held, cuddled, hugged in order to grow. They can be given all nutrition they need yet if they are not held while being given a bottle, if no one cuddles or holds them they fail to thrive and even die. All while receiving adequate nutrition. Why because we need more then nutrition to thrive. This is why when our needs are being met when we feel loved or satisfied we often forget the need to eat.After we take a good look at our behavior and why we eat, we can then start to take a look at what we eat. Healthy foods to lose weight do not have to be costly or hard to prepare. Most can be found in your local grocer's produce aisle. Our diets should be filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. The more vibrant the color the better.

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