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    This is the method by which Ayurveda seeks to pacify your doshas instead of expelling them. In this case, you will be administered smaller doses of medicaments when you are hungry. In this manner, you are not driving away unnatural hunger completely but are only limiting the same.After Shaman comes Shodhan which implies purifying or cleaning. Ayurveda believes that even a small disturbance in your nerves can violate your entire physical balance. Shodhan is all about purifying your nerves. The Ayurvedic dietary plans consist of the following items:Coconuthort on sleep? Oh you poor soul! While all the hours you stay awake, your body gets to cook up the perfect recipe for intimidating weight gain. Tried everything besides natural sleep aids? Unknowingly, you have only increased the ingredients of shooting the weight even up, says the 'The Science of Sleep.

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