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    Now she is in better physical shape and has Vida Tone Keto more confidence because she feels more attractive, and she will never again be unable to move fast enough to save her daughter when danger is near.Nancy was 28 years old, and she enjoyed food. Before the children were born, while she worked outside the home and was active this was not a problem.Once she stopped working at her job and became a stay at home mom her weight tended to be higher than before, but she kept thinking she would go on a diet next week to lose the weight.Part of the weight problem that Nancy suffered from was because she did not like to waste, so when the kids were done eating if there was food left over Nancy would eat it rather than throw it away.

    Now that her children were older and at school most of the day Nancy would spent a lot of time watching TV and reading, so she was not getting the proper exercise and physical activity that was needed for weight loss either. Although she knew that she was overweight it did not seem to be that big of a problem, and she did not realize how her excess weight and obese appearance affected those that she loved.One day Nancy was going to her daughter's school papers and came across a notice that was sent home about a school play, and Nancy was astonished to discover that her daughter had the lead part. Nothing had been said and Nancy was unaware that her daughter was even in the play.

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