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    It is a time of living life from a soulPower Quadrant System perspective; of creating in the all trusting place of an earth-based soul; of dancing the Dance of Relationship; and a time of peace and prosperity for all who have prepared and are in alignment with Self and All. Is it any wonder that The Great Transition occurs at the beginning of such an age? It is any wonder that the coming of such an age might create the much prophesied Golden Age? It is any wonder that those for whom the preparation may seem to arduous or difficult predict something other than joy and wonder? It is often said that few things occur by chance and that coincidence is a cosmic phenomenon. Prepare for one of the greatest coincidences in your earth history. Prepare for The Great Transition into the Age of Aquarius.Barbara Joye has been laughingly and lovingly proclaimed The Shift Guru, as she assisting her clients in meeting the challenges and joys of shifting their beliefs, and therefore, their lives. This work led her to her own deeper connection with the Angelic Realm and the creation of her inspirational and insightful books, The Light Won and The Creating Formula. Through these books, the Angelic Realm provides insights into what is keeping each and every member from living the life of their dreams. You can contact her at She looks forward to your insights and observations.

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