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    People with high levels of homocysteine levels or Nano Glutathione low levels of B12, folic acid or pyridoxine levels should eat plenty of whole grains and leafy green vegetables for folic acid and pyridoxine, and 1000 micrograms of B12 in a pill each day.You can suffer from B12 deficiency even if your blood levels are normal. When you body lacks B12, your red blood cells do not mature properly and are much larger than normal, and homocysteine accumulates in your bloodstream, damaging your arteries and brain cells.Also be sure that your doctor checks for diabetes, which can damage blood vessels that supply the brain, heart and other organs. Diabetics may suffer loss of memory long before they are diagnosed as having diabetes.While we await further studies, protect your memory with a lifestyle that will help you avoid diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Control your weight, eat a wide variety of plants, limit refined carbohydrates and get plenty of exercise.Aging can be one of the most dreadful diseases which can give a feeling of helplessness. In olden times there were stories about the way people used to maintain their skin texture. Even though many say that beauty is skin deep, people would still thrive to have a younger look. Having a clear skin and then maintaining can be a very tedious task and one should take good care of their skin.

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