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  • V S Enterprises - Expansion Joint Treatment in Bangalore

    V S Enterprises - Expansion Joint Treatment in Bangalore


    All kind of joints with various applications as per the site requirements such as Silicone, Polysulphide, Polyurethane, Acrylic sealants and painted surface for joint sealing and joint filling of buildings.

    For More Details Please visit : http://www.waterproofingcontractors.co.in

    Our Services:

    * Bathroom Water leakage
    * Swimming Pool Waterproofing Services
    * Retaining wall waterproofing
    * Overhead water tank waterproofing
    * Expansion Joint Waterproofing in buildings
    * Terrace leakage solutions
    * Basement waterproofing solutions
    * Underground Water Tank Waterproofing solution
    * Wall Crack Repair Services


    V S Enterprises - Waterproofing Contractors
    No.14, Webster Road
    Cox Town, Bangalore -560 005
    Mob: +91 9845027027 / +91 9845076301
    Off No: 080 41487342 / 080 43712276
    Website: http://www.waterproofingcontractors.co.in
    Email Id: info@vsenterpises.co

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