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  • Healthy Foods That Accelerate Weight Loss


    You guessed it Her thighs are getting increasingly 3 Week Diet large from this terrible advice. Frustrated because no one will listen to her concerns, the woman who was initially so excited by her progress ends up quitting exercising entirely. Consequently, she loses the muscle tone she sought out in the first place, and begins to pile her unwanted pounds back on. It's tragic, really.

    Finally, someone has addressed women's fitness concerns and goals. Instead of trying to force women to become a junior version of The Hulk, Rusty Moore designed a spinoff of his highly popular "Visual Impact" work out plan just for women. Rusty himself is a long time bodybuilder who got fed up with the bulkiness he was developing. He realized that his ideal body was a lot more like Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" than it was with a huge, overmuscled body builder.

    Taking the knowledge he gleaned from reducing his musculature from bodybuilder bulky to Brad Pitt sexy, Rusty decided that women were also in need of a program that would allow them to keep their feminine looks intact while losing unwanted fat and gaining a lean, yet curvy body in the process.

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