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    Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants and other nutrients that reduced food cravings and boosts metabolic rate. As a result, the body starts burning more calories during the day. The best thing Keto Tone Diet System about green tea for weight loss is that it targets the fatty zones of the body, such as the abdominal area, and promotes rapid fat loss. Similarly, raspberry ketones, a miraculous discovery, have made headlines over the past few years. Considered to a miraculous fat burner, raspberry ketones actually trick the body into thinking thin. Studies reveal that raspberry ketones can increase the release of adiponectin - a protein that regulates metabolism. Raspberry ketones are derived from red raspberries. Ketone is the substance that lends aroma to raspberries. This substance is so popular in the world weight world because it has innate properties to burn fat as well as slow down rapid weight gain.

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