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  • How Many Steps a Day Can Help You Lose Weight?
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    If this were absolutely true, male athletes who have 6-7% body fat and run a marathon in less Thermo Burn than two and a half hours should melt with sweat when they reach the finish line. To lose body fat it is necessary to create a caloric deficit. The more exercise you do, the more energy you need and the more calories you consume per day, but if you keep eating more than you need to, you will not only lose one gram but you will gain weight. Think that most athletes lose weight when they do not train for rest or injury. The explanation is that on the one hand they lose muscle mass and on the other they eat less because they have less appetite for not training so much. Do specific exercise to lose weight, introduce circuits of weights of at least 30 minutes in your workouts, twice a week, and a resistance training of 90 minutes once a week. And of course, it controls the diet and eats healthy and just.

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