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  • Meaty Greek Recipes To Get Your Teeth Into


    The follow the directions part Keto Resources seems pretty simple but that's where most people who think they can't cook fail. You know that saying: "When all else fails, read the directions" Well, poor cooks don't bother with that step. Reading a recipe is like reading a foreign language. If you don't know what the words mean, look it up. Most big recipe books have a glossary and conversion tables in them. Just make sure you have the proper utensils, like a measuring cup and measuring spoons.

    To make up your own recipe, try experimenting. If you are really nervous about this, try a few standard recipes out first, so you understand what makes something taste good. A couple of good recipe books to start out with are Betty Crocker and The Joy of Cooking. Come to think of it, stick with Betty, the other one might scare you too much to start with. You want to make it simple until you get used to following recipes.

    If you want to accomplish a certain purpose with the meal, such as keeping it low-carb, think about what that entails...such as mostly protein and fiber of the green leafy kind. Once you have determined what you really like, try experimenting a bit. Write down everything you do so you can duplicate it again if it turns out good. If it isn't quite right, ask a friend who is a good cook what it might be missing.

    Of course, if your taste buds are warped, like my mother's, stick to normal recipes. My mom thinks a good sandwich is rye bread, banana, peanut butter, onion and pickles...lots of onion. To wash it all down, she likes a big 16 oz. glass of half warm water, half beer...and a ton of salt and cayenne pepper. Eeesh. There really is no accounting for taste.

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