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  • Weight Loss - It is Possible


    I know that there are tempers rising in Quick Burn Keto the reader audience today reading these claims. Rising weights and expanding waistlines are cause for countless hours of sleepless nights, in men as well as women. Please allow to me attempt to cast a silver lining on this new found information.

    While I am not a postmenopausal woman, I am person who has experienced the physical and mental wears of weight gain, and the equally exhausting, yet far more satisfying reward of weight loss. I feel that being a weight loss professional and successful weight loser allows me the right to an opinion on successful approaches to weight loss, both physically and mentally. I would like to share that the most successful approaches of weight loss that I have seen in myself and my clients have been when "excuses" are not offered, and instead, "weaknesses" are addressed.

    Science is leading us to the conclusion that weight gain is not initiated by menopause, but that the hormonal changes experienced may lead to redistribution of fat to the midsection. Fat accumulation in the midsection is undoubtedly a health concern, and understandably a cosmetic concern. This in itself is enough to hamper the strongest of resolves to lose weight. However, there is no "excuse" that menopause is causing postmenopausal weight gain, but maybe there is solace in the realization that these women are in control of their body weight, regardless of what stage of life they find themselves in.

    If you have found yourself a lady currently in, or thereafter this stage in your life, be honest with yourself. Have you given yourself the excuse that your weight gain is out of your control and at the will of your hormones It may be time to embrace what science has gifted you; a reason to take responsibility for your behaviors regarding your food intake and physical activity. The truth shall set you free.

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