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  • More Bang For Your Training Buck - Layering Your Training to Achieve Multiple Objectives

    More Bang For Your Training Buck - Layering Your Training to Achieve Multiple Objectives


    If the objective of your training program is to give people the technical information they need to do their jobs, you may well be aiming too low. Training programs can achieve multiple objectives, and there are many secondary objectives that can add to the impact of a training curriculum. You're paying a lot of money to bring all these people together, why not get more out of your training program by taking a little bit of time to design it, carefully, with layered objectives in mind

    Company managers and HR departments like to categorize employee training into two camps: job-specific technical training and management and leadership skill-building training.

    Most organizations have some form of technical training. It's industry-specific, or even job-specific. It teaches the required skills for employees to succeed at the job for which they've been hired.Then there's the other training, the froo-froo, the fluff, the HR training, usually reserved for managers and often consisting of half-day seminars on topics such as conflict resolution, communication, problem solving, and team building. These are the so-called soft skills.

    Too often, the soft skills training involves made up scenarios and role-playing. Oh, how corporate managers love role-playing. (Okay, they don't, usually.) These skills are important to build good managers and leaders, but so often the people that attend them view their time spent as wasted.The junior people, on the other hand, are enrolled in the technical training programs. The higher-ups think they're not yet ready for the management-oriented soft-skills training. Or are they Consider this: as your entry level and junior people grow within the company and move up the ladder to more serious management roles, these skills are absolutely the skills that they will need..

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