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    A soy allergy eliminates a number of food types, including Curcumin 2000 Review soy milk, of course, tofu, miso and tempeh. Soy protein is also used as a filler material for a number of processed foods, so always read labels carefully and learn what the ingredients mean.

    Sensitivities and Lesser Intolerances

    Those who do not have full blown allergies may be able to tolerate some of the known allergens, however it is important to make sure that if you are adding them to the diet that you watch for signs of progression from one to the other (Remember: allergies involve the immune system, sensitivities and intolerances do not). People who are sensitive to some foods should consider using the isolate version of protein supplements like whey and soy, rather than the concentrate. Whey isolate has less lactose than the whey concentrate so it may be more easily tolerated.

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